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Related post: Date: Fri, 28 May 2004 08:24:12 EDT From: Subject: Quarry Hole. Chapter 7Disclaimer: If you are not yet 18 years of age or if it is illegal to read materials of this kind where you live, then please stop now. This story contains descriptions of sexual activity between teenage boys. The acts are consensual and are a result of their love or lust for one another. Please write: I would love to hear if you like my story.Quarry Hole. Chapter 7. Kurt felt it. His hole...was filling again with hardening big boy teen meat....he felt his brother flex his prick and rut deep one time....eliciting a moan from Kurt....a hold and then John rose up onto his hands, and while laying into his brothers back, he rut-wiggle-humped boy pussy like he got just plugged in. "Ohhhhhhhh," Kurt moaned....he bbs ls magazine pedo knew he was gonna be spending the whole night right there....John was IN for the long haul. Kurt mooned after while, "Ooooo....mmmmmm," and John licked the back of his neck. "You love it you l'il fucker....I know it. naturism bbs You fuckin' love it boy. And you lucky, boy....'cause you gonna get gonna get whutchu like....whutchu LITTLE FUCKER!" he growled, redoubling his next few strokes....bouncing him some boy teen cunt up and down models nude bbs off the floor....once....twice....three times, and then settled into a smoothe rut-bangin' that was interrupted every little while as the boys rested, then slept, forum free bbs lol then fucked again. Following the last rest, when the night gave way to brightening skies, Kurt found cartoon bbs himself waking in John's crotch with his brother's stalk in his mouth, his neck being massaged, as his nymphnet bbs pedo illegal head was guided over the entire length of that handsome tool.Quarry Hole. Chapter 7. "I love when you pleasure my pole, l'il brudder....I bbs forum pedo just love it. He brushed his lips to the top of Kurt's head, and gently raised him to his knees. Neither of them was unaware of Kurt's rigid ls bbs sample pic peter, and John grabbed it and squeezed, doubling Kurt into John's shoulder. As John continued to rub and wind his fingers 'round Kurt's cock, the boy shuddered, bucked, and his head flew up and back, his torso arching as he shot gob after rope and pearly beast bbs free links jizz into his brother's face and chest. John didn't let Kurt get off very often, so every time was a fuckin' event...and it usually was after a workout like he had that night with all the pent up teen boy cum tensions. John sent Kurt to get the shower ready with a stunning slap to his bottom that sent Kurt sailing across the room to the door. Their routine was pretty much the same any morning when parents were home, which was uneventful bbs forum upskirt shower, Kurt wash-massaging John's entire body from hair to toes. He allowed Kurt to worm his finger washer up his tail chute, too. Often he'd have Kurt tongue his smile and his balls in the shower. Kurt would await John on his knees, bbs russian board would guide him in, wash him, wash himself, get out soaking wet, dry John working the towel down to the feet. Usually John would leave to get dressed while Kurt wiped the water that dripped off them off the floor, and then straightened himself up. John kept the collar and leash in his truck, and occasionally had a new toy for Kurt. This morning, was one of those times. Over a few blocks, Kurt's six buds were just stretching, enduring blaring radios, alarms kids sex pics bbs or screaming mothers piercing their senstive ears. All these annoyances.... don't they know it disrupts nudist image bbs a boy's morning hard play? Whether over on his belly grinding into the mattress, or on his back fondling his pride and joy....mornings and joyful hardon's are some of a boy's favorite bbs olitas things. And mannnnn, these kids had some fantastic mind images to send them even higher on that morning boyjoy magic carpet if a kid needed any visual aids. Scott, Mark, Joey and Jerry were replaying the images of the last two days at the quarry, and outside Kurt's basement window and shower. Shuey and Paul were seeming to feel their buds using them, and then them getting to turn the tables on Kurt yesterday. All this on top of their visions of each other, and what new things they found out about themselves this week. Shue is 5' 5" of trembling boywack lust right now. His light brown flat, wispy hair was floppin' around his head as it bobbed up and down on his pillow. Green eyes, with a turned up small bbspornillegal nose, and a waif-like mafia bbs teen body...120 lbs, 5+" hard, freckles around nose and upper cheeks and shoulders.... Shuey's hand stopped pulling just at the top of his last breath and shot a rope straight up above him that plopped on his belly. His whole lol bbs cp body shook star kids photos bbs in his aftershoot while the remaining spurts dribbled down his cock, and were soon being squeezed out of his foreskin which was slipping back over his shiny pink knob already. His mind was running bbs illegal kid sex now about himself. He wondered...did he young candid bbs really know? now? before? Was he really a gayboy? Ugh...a queer? How he hated that word.... He started to think back about when he played with other guys, his close buds included. What did he feel? think? teenie bbs voyeur About changing clothes at the pool. In gym. The showers. He always went bashful and was so concentrating on making sure nobody checked him out, that he really didn't see much of other guys to get 'aroused' bbs sow discord about it enough to learn anything about himself. Just then, with his eyes closed...his hand still playing over his now sticky dick, and getting that little tingle....he saw it! For the first time! Right there behind his eyelids! and the reason maybe why he didn't get adult photo bbs worked up about boys he was was just a boy...ANY was an face....just a presence....not even a body shape as such. When he would turn over on his side at night ready to jerk himself to sleep, he was thinking of BOYS....ALL BOYS....ANY BOYS....he'd even whisper-talk to him...them. Feeling, rubbing, licking, humping against, on top, underneath, and in his wild jacking, he'd pull his knees up toward his chest, toes splayed, every muscle tight, hold his breath and squeal under his breath, "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhsooooooooogooooooooooooood" he'd moan, and turn his face into his pillow. Sometimes he'd feel a tear out the bbs young girl picture corner of his eye as his frenzy ebbed. He was always so sure his parents could hear...or knew...well, we know they know....we all KNOW they know. Well, moms don't wanna believe it. Shuey hiked himself up on his elbows, cum all over him....again! His recant of what he knew of himself triggered another even more powerful cum. He became a flurry of activity, wiping up the mess, his still drooling prick, and getting rid bbs modles of all the evidence in his dirty laundry before he hit the shower. (His mother had been known to come in and straighten his room while he was in the shower sometimes, so he best not leave pecker tracks). Soon all the buds were heading out to school. Shuey and Paul met on their street, and same with Mark and Scott, and Joey and Jerry. They soon met up on the main street. Each pair would wait for the furthest away pair to join up before moving on. Once they were all together, it was the first time time since the Paulie - Shuey takedown two day ago, that they were all together, seemingly best buds again. Bumpin' aroun' and back-butt kickin', generally hasseling each other, led to Joey hugging the bbs elweb crook of his arm around Shuey's face and head, yanking him a bit, saying "Hey buddy dude...betchu can't wait fer the doin's 's'aftanoon,eh?" Joey was about average size, maybe plus a japan image sex bbs first sex bbs little at 5' 7", slim at 130, olive skin, dark wavey hair and board bbs lol dark eyes, smoothe straight nose, and about 5" hard. A very sure of himself boy, which is the only real difference between himself and Jerry. They could be twins in appearance...that is until they're naked....Jerry hung himself a fine, hefty 7 inches that was the marvel of his gym class. Shuey strained to face Joey still in his clutches, also getting a little red in the face from it, and said, "Y-y-yeh...I-I-I...guess," he tried to smile. "You GUESS! Hey, guys. Can you believe dis"? Shuey can only GUESS he's gonna have a good time this aftanoon....and here we are with the swinging dicks ready to prove he will....and there is STILL fuckin' doubt! You shame you'self, Shuey, dude. Shame. Shame. Shame." Scott, Mark and Jerry bbs new chimed in, and they all laughed. Mark backhanded Paulie for his own defensive, join-in laughing with them. "Whutchu laughing at, might better be spending your time getting some knee pads." Paulie saddened, and looked down for the second, until Joey grabbed his head the same way he had Shue's. Yankin' both heads back and forth together....he said, "No gettin' down, hear boys. I give you somethin' to fun think about....first, there's Kurt. An' we should be seeing him coming out his street jus' about now. You KNOW that'll be fun. Then, second, we all gonna get to 'snoodle' with Shuey AND Kurt this aftanoon. Now fuckin' brighten up, and how about you getting a branch for us to make us a nice trainin' whip, Paul...." Joey said, as he released his head, and popped his butt a shot. passwords bbs sex Paul head ed across the street to the trees to scrounge a suitable branch for splaying and boy training. As he joined back up with the others, Joey told him to strip the end, and hang on to it. Kurt was just coming to the corner, and Mark saw that he was looking all around him, furtively, and stopped short bbs czeck at seeing the others right upon him. Mark was 12 yo bbs pic thinking, "Why'd he come this way, if he was afraid of running into us? Well, he sure ain't the smartest dude an'ways....and 'iss proves it." Scott called to Kurt, "Hey, man! How you doin'?" Kurt's weak smile betrayed that he wasn't trustin' nothin' or nobody, and just said, "Hey," quietly as he moved into the crowd continuing down the street toward school. Boy, after yesterday afternoon's workout with them, and the round-the clock bang-a-bung John gave him two days running, he was resigned, and ready for anything. Scott handed him his backpack from the day before, and with a hand-squeeze to his shoulder, he said, "Take your sneakers and socks off Kurt.....NOW!" Kurt...well they all...stopped. Kurt toed off his sneaks and pulled his socks off. Boy! He didn't even consider a protest. elwebb bbs Mannnnn! And him with the still sore whip-whacked feet! Scott said, "Put them in your backpack." Kurt opened his pack and felt a twinge...his new sneaks were in there, now to be joined by these old ones...he wasn't even sure if he'd get any of this stuff back today...ever. Then hentai bbs thumbs they repeated the going home routine, piling him with all their packs, having him walk ahead, and then Joey snapped his fingers at Paulie, and pointed at Kurt's naked heels....Paulie went into the 'make that cowboy dance' routine with the switch-whip. All the way to school, Paul and teens bbs jpg Shue alternated arranging dance numbers for Kurt to do and the boys to enjoy. Even with the jumpin' and jerkin' Kurt was doing, dropping and picking up the packs, Mark thought, "Whut's wrong with him?" It seemed like Kurt was walking sort of stilted, almost like, too erect....but between thinking maybe his feet were still sore from the whippin' they took last night, and all the jumpin' around made it slip his mind as he joined the others whoopin' it up as they seranaded Kurt with catcalls all the way to school. As they got to the side door they usually entered by the gym, they passed the b-ball courts. And there was a crush of kids moving 'round as they crossed the court towards the door. Scott and them didn't know what to make of it. Paul and Shuey sure did! At the sun virgins bbs head of the mob was Graig, from yesterday, when their buds left 'em bareass and these other kids saw them, and made them do naked pirouettes for them. The rest of their crew never knew what happened after they went into school....they made Paul and Shue drop their pants and turn in their boxers, then left them with their pants down at center court. Shue pushed forward and Paul squeezed in right behind him and both of them in front of Scott, Mark an' 'em, who didn't get it. "Yur top young models bbs marked Bobby!" was the last thing they heard as they plunged through the doorway. Their buds were less reactive since the clamoring kids were beer bbs all lower classmen, and therefore were insignificant to the likes of Jer, Joe, Mark and Scott. Plus, they called Shuey, 'Bobby,' and none of them called him by that. On they trudged up the stairs and down the main hall to their lockers. Kurt was still hauling freight for the others, and barefoot, he came to kds bbs toplist his locker. He opened it, transferred clothes and stuff for books, and then locked it standing back, looking from face to face to face. Mark pointed him to the next row of lockers...his .... and had Kurt turn and face the passing students in the hall. He had Paul break the switch in half, and put the business end between Kurt's teeth. Scott stood next to him getting his own pack and locker squared, and said, "When each kid comes by, you say something different, to each, "Hi, I like boys....or I do dick....I suck balls," got it? With a look of total fear....and shame, Kurt's brow furrowed, and Mark just said, alfa porn bbs "Do it!!" jabbing his index finger into Kurt's chest. He did it all right. The kids passing by, either didn't believe what they heard, or laughed; a coupla prudish cunt shook their heads. There he was...standing at attention in front of the lockers facing passersby curling up and down....telling them all manner of suggestive gay stuff. Finally, when they were all ready for class, they headed out and Scott told Kurt as he walked with him, "This is every morning fum now on, dude. There will be more or less clothes.... depending. You will rush to one of our classes after each of yours, take off your sneaks and socks, wait at bbs ls galleries attention till we come out, then walk us to our next class, then go to your own, and put your sneaks back on before class." Kurt nodded as Scott walked into his classroom door, and Kurt had to get to his own, and get his feet covered before he went in. All fuckin' day, and on and on....and LUNCH, that was terrible! At the table with all 6 boysbbs of the others, he stood at attention. Extra food from their trays was spooned, flung, or dumped on or at his feet to the floor. After about 10 minutes he was allowed get on hands and maxwells bbs cgi knees and feed himself off the floor, after the food on his feet was eaten, using only hands and tongue. At least they didn't make him bbs ukrain young lick the chemicals bbs rs replicas off litte bbs dark the floor. He was given napkins to wipe up the residue, and ordered that there not be too much left over, or he would be 15 bbs models licking floor and whatever was left on them from cleaning, thereafter. Then as the kids, all took a seat on one side of their table, they watched as he was sent barefoot, tee shirt over the back of his neck barechested, table to table to tell them what he liked about boys, dicks, buttholes, one table, his choice, he was to offer blowjobs to every boy, and any of their brothers, too. He was to hand out paper for any kid who took up the offer to write his name, and bring it back to the angels porno bbs links buds who would arrange all oral pleasure. Shy as kids are, man, some are fucking bold. Two kids gave him their names, and one had two brothers. Um-um-um...4 takers! Mark waved the notes in the air to bbs cp galleries the table bd sister bbs magazine the two kids were sitting at, and sent Kurt back on hands and knees with responses in his mouth, advising them of the time to meet illegal underground bbs them at the quarry. The one bbs teen list porn kid who had no brother, was assigned that same afternoon. The other one was given the next day so he could arrange getting his brothers there, too. Kurt crawled back to his table where was told to kneel at attention, chin on the table edge. There was one piece of hot dog left in Joey's plate. Scott took it and fed it gingerly to Kurt's lips sitting pursing above the table edge. "Here boy, warm up...jus' lick know, dart yer tongue out like you do dick, then suck on it, then let's see it sit in yer mouth between yer lips for a bit." bbs guestbook sex boy They all watched the pitiful sight, then Scott smirked, and stretched his full length under the table, and said, "Well, I don't know 'bout you guys, but Kurt virgin photo of bbs there looks a bit undernourished....that l'il piece nn girl bbs 'a dog, ain't nuthin.'" A heart stinger went right through littles free bbs Kurt...beads of sweat popped all over his face pores...and everywhere else, too. Even the bottoms of his feet felt like they were slippery. He began to tremble. His worst shamy fear came true! "Get you russian angels bbs under table queerboy, and get you some real lunch!" Scott ordered. Kurt was glued to his spot. His toes tightened and curled up. Scott's open hands at the edge of the table, came on top clenched, and he started to push back, when Kurt crawled under there so fast almost no one would have realized if the whole room wasn't staring at the one boy....attention on his over the back of his the table edge. In ls bbs sites a quiet tone, from above the table Scott told Kurt to "get him on some sausage." He handed him ketchup and mustard and a spoon to spread it over his prick. Kurt went about opening young tgp bbs Scott's jeans, pushing down his boxers, and as he layed Scott's hardening peter over the top of the waistband, he spooned great girls bbs the ketchup and mustard on. Then his tongue and lips sought the swelling head, and sucked it in. All eyes from christmas holiday nurse scrubbs the far reaches of the room, saw Scott jerk up, with the first tongue touch. Then while only his buds could appreciate what was happening up close, every boy knew the shiver-feel tingle that surges right to his toes, even if just by his own hand....and prob'ly, every fuckin' kid in that room, was about 40 minutes past that feeling when he rubbed himself off in bed that morning, after joying with his piss-hard and hunching into his pillow or mattress. Annnnnnnnnd, was doing everything he could right undeage bbs now, to keep from touching himself.....'cause he was feeling it bbs pornsites all over again! But that wasn't a problem for ol' Scott. He was getting him serviced big time. Kurt had the boy's balls in his hands, rolling them 'round, and was sucking with a fervor. Under his breath, Scott was moaning soooooo quiet, and started to do little butt jerks up and down, and in a flash of body jerks above and below the table, he let loose with a powerful spunkin' of poor Kurt. Without being told, old girls bbs Kurt was catching drooling cum from his over-filled mouth, while same time, swallowing each surging spurt of boy jizz. At end, Kurt slumped to his tail, sideways on the floor, wiping his mouth of cum and mustard and ketchup, licking his fingers, his chest heaving. Scott was holding on to the edge of the table like the railing on a wave-wracked ship. I swear there were kids nodding around the the room with knowing feels of what just happened inside Scott. I know there were some girls there nodding internally, knowing what Kurt felt like, and maybe avoiding the winking looks of their boyfriends, who were seated next to them....hard as rocks!!! Annnnnnnd, there was no doubt some boys who knew what Kurt felt like, and some who wished...they did. Well, those wishing to know A-L-L-L-L about it, might wanna check out the quarry this afternoon, eh? "Get me squared away down there pussylips," Scott ordered Kurt, who garaged the boy's meat, knowing he was to lick off any dogwater left dobblin' on the end of it. Zipped and buttoned, Scott felt Kurt run his hand up and down his fly, and got up, albeit shakily....stunned....the whole room full of students cheered and clapped wildly, pounding the tables. Scott smiled sheepishly....the whole room was vibrating. Scott, Mark and the others pushed off toward the door arranging things in their boxers, and Mark turned, and snapped his fingers for Kurt to get out from under the table and lead them to their lockers. As Kurt came out, all shamed, red-faced, bbs pussie and barefoot, looking all stealthy in the face of about a hundred raucous kids, everything elwebs pre bbs quieted to silence. There was one or two more claps, as the Kurt moved toward the door, slightly cowed, placing the switch back in his mouth. The swinging doors flubbed against each other till they went silent....closed. The lunchroom was death-quiet for long moments, till soon the low din and kid chatter started to build and kids could be seen leaning across tables to their friends as if to avoid being overheard about something that everybody saw and was talking illeagal bbs porn about. THEY JUST WATCHED A CLASSMATE BLOW ANOTHER IN FRONT OF A HUNDRED KIDS!!!! Yet.......they didn't see a thing!!! I'd say there's gonna be a lotta spooge swirling down those boys room crappers in a few minutes.... As uneventful as having boys walked by a barefoot kid to and from classes all over the school, there were only a few more classes, and the rest of the day was uneventful. At end of day, barefoot Kurt awaited his buds at their lockers, at attention, switch in his teeth. china teen porn bbs All set, they headed out to their afternoon at the quarry. Kurt carried all the packs, all the way. Some distance from school, Paulie was instructed to take down Kurt's jeans and get his tee off. They were porn bbs ru laid on his arms to carry along with the packs. There was no switch-whip dance on the way, and the kids just had Kurt carry it in his teeth, as they walked and jabbered like he wasn't even there. At the quarry trailhead, Paulie dropped Kurt's green plaid Fitch boxers and the rest of trek was bbs forum with Kurt naked in the lead, down to the water. Just as the kid from lunch, who said he'd stand for a blowjob, erotic kids bbs got there and ran up to them, Mark said..."I fuckin' knew IT!!! I knew somethin' was queer about dis queer tuhday!" Everybody was caught off guard, and stopped. "Check his ass, hey! Check it out! Whut the fuck is that!!" toplist free bbs Mannnnnn! If any one of them knew, he sure wasn't saying. Mark rushed up and got right in Kurt's face and demanded he kneel....he did. sex oceans bbs "Whut's in yer ass, faggot!???! What IS that!???" "It--it's--it'sa--uh---butt---plug, sir," Kurt said very alfasex yo 12 bbs weakly, staring at Mark's sneakers. "Whut's it for??" Mark asked. "Hurt's goin' in...sometimes...keeps Sir?" Kurt replied also unsure what the fuck it was for. Meanwhile, the new kid from the lunchroom, was one inquisitive little fuck, and got his face right down under there to check out Kurt's butt plug. A little flustered, Mark, and the others, said, "Well, let's get some swimmin' in, a'fore we have a little show from 'buttplug' here. They grabbed off the packs, and picked Kurt up and threw bbs galleries young models him head long into the water, switch in his teeth and all. Soon everybody was bareass, divin' in and sloshin' around. When everybody was bored or tired, they started making their way back up the rock to the ledge. But Jerry, all 7 inches of him was deep down Kurt's throat already while he sat at the water's edge and Kurt was best lsland bbs bobbing on the hog to beat the band, still submerged right to his neck. The kids were all up on the flat rock ledge toweling or sunning when, the new kid blurted out...."It's you, man...Bobby the fuckin' queer did the dance around the ball court t'other mornin'. Oh man...I think I want YOU to be my blower! I never really finished wit'chu then." Paulie got a chill...yeh, he knew him too. It sun bbs incest real was Graig. ...the one who started the rumpus and got them both stripped and dancing in circles in front of all those boy pic bbs lower class kids. The same Graig that little top bbs made Paul play with Shuey's foreskin while they danced ballet pirouettes. Shuey and Paul had been enjoying being off the hook with naked bbs models all the attention focused on Kurt. They knew that was fuckin' maxwell top 100 bbs over now. They'd be in play again, fer sure. Mark turned to Paulie and Shue and said, "Whut's 'iss, foto kiddy model bbs faggots? You been servicing dudes all over school? 'Zat true?" "Ahhh-ahh-uh-uh-n-n-no man, Mark, no-o! We ain't done nothin' wit' nobody..... swears," Paulie jumped up stammering, alarmed, shaking his head, and holding up his hand like taking an oath. "Den whut the fuck's he talkin' 'bout," Mark head gestured to Graig. In a tandem story tellin' jabber, Paul and Shuey blurted out what happened after they were left bareass in the school yard the morning before. Like a light went on, all the memories started to click, and everybody remembered something right to when they went in the side door that morning, and there was hooting after Shuey from some lower classmen. Mark grabbed Graig by the arm, and said, " been messin' wit' a bud, eh?" Now Graig was getting nervous. He was a bit smaller than rest of the kids there, and was no match for world sex bbs pics more than one of them for sure. He started to stutter and answer, but Mark just shushed him, and said, "We'll talk after we get you cleaned up. In the fastest one-boy whirl, Graig was in the air head first into the quarry. They all yukked it up, as he flopped around trying to right himself with all his clothes on and all. At last making it back to the rocks, he was summarily dumped back in by Scott, Joey and Jerry, too. Flustered and exhausted, he waited the final time at the child guestbook bbs rocks' the water. They gave Scout's honor they wouldn't flush him again, and told Shuey japan bbs adult and Paul to help him up. Ha! They lied. Shuey and Paul hadn't promised anything....and picked him up over their heads, whirled and threw him in again. The kids were flopping all over the place hysterical. Some were laughing uncensored sex bbs so hard, it was impossible to stand. Then, they all broke up again when Graig insisted that he would not come out till they left. Mark and Scott made like they were ignoring him, turned away, and then jumped in to either side of Graig. In a flurry of yelling, splashing, a grunt and a long moan....every piece of Graig's clothes was stripped off in the water and heaved onto the ledge. Then as they scaled the rocks, Graig was being pushed from underneath it seemed....yeh, underneath is right. "...he stuck in his thumb, pulled out a puss, and said whutta good fag I got," Scott 'Mother Goose'ed as Graig was shoved forward with Scott's thumb firmly up his hole. More laughter. The look on that red-faced straining kid was priceless. Scott pulled out the thumb, waled Graig's butt one thunderous smack, and stuck the thumb in Graig's mouth to have him swab the boy's own tail slime off. Mark also waled his tail and said, "You look like some prime pussy there boy...whutta yuh say? You wanna make all yer new friends bbs fozya imgboard here happy today?" His hands covering his balls, his dick and his ass, he screamed, "Hey, man! I don't do that, mannnnnn!! No fuckin' fuckers don't touch me, hear." "Ooooooooh, big man here, boys...and butt and balls nekked as I make it, and o-pen fer business. Prime stuff...." Mark sing-songed. Graig took off for the trail, and Jerry just reached out his arm and caught him asian bbs pics 'round the waist. They all sorried up, and told him they owed him his blowjob, and they'd forget what happened with Paul and Shue, long as he did. He agreed, and they had Graig go over to Paul and Shuey and shake on it. Distracted for a sec, Mark said he wanted to hear more about Paulie playing with Shuey's foreskin. Ahh the many boy fascinations! Scott came over and said, "Hey man...I been into dis foreskin stuff a while, and I asked my dad about it....and some cousins. Dj'ever hear o' 'snoodling?' I can't believe I didn't pay no 'attention tuh these two fuckers before." He movie bbs teen was referring photos nude ls bbs to the fact that not only Shuey was foreskinned, but so was Kurt! Oh man, no end of Kurt providing entertainment for these guys. Mark said, "Comeon! Comeon! Whut the fuck's snoodling?" Scott just put up his hand...he had a feelin'...."Tell us Kurt....What is snoodling?" Kurt was already beet red. He knew what it was and was hoping they'd just leave him....and his foreskin....alone. He turned to face them, and flailing his hands all around embarrassed, he said, pull out...." Joey yelled, "Show us dude. Show us." Crazy fidgeting now Kurt reached for his own hanging skin and pulled younger nn bbs it back to bare his moist shiny pink helmet underneath, as his cock went to a medium hard state. "Yuh pullit back like'iss, and den another dude, wit'out foreskin....puts his bbs teen porn forum dick against yer pisshole. Then you fold the foreskin out over me and t'other kid's 12 yo sex bbs dick...." Jerry asked, "Annnnd....?" "Annnnd, you jerk 'em both till there's um...somebudy ....cums." One and ALL....they were enthralled, and Mark said, man I'm gettin' hard about dis...I gotta do it...but wait...lemmee see our little turdholes do it first fer tryouts. Paulie, snoddle wit' yer fag buddy. You prob'ly been doin' this togedder a long time eh?" Scott just pushed him over and shut up his attempt to protest, and soon Paul and Shue were dick head to dick head with Shuey's skin pulled back. Then they folded the skin over, and Jerry yelled, "Wait, man...wait!!" dragging Kurt over, he sat him down with his face up under the kids' two snoodled dicks. Jerry asked, "You got the picture cunt stud?" Kurt didn't look at him or say anything....just nodded. The kids all started innocent angels bbs to clap a cadence nude ls bbs for Shuey to snoodle-jack himself and Paulie. He began gently, slow-ly. The foreskin slippy-slided out and back and forth and over, and felt so slicky-gooey to Paulie who was so crazed he was actually crying from joy, and started to russian lesbian bbs hump his hips and smooch his prick back and forth inside the snoodle. And on and on, but not for long....every one of the kids sprung hard watching two boys get each other off...."Ohhhowwwwll!!!" Paulie squealed. The sensations ped pics bbs nude of 'wearing' a foreskin finally sent Paulie over the edge, and gobs of spooge were flooding out from under the foreskin, and Kurt's flushed face was underneath catching every glopp and droodle somewhere between his eyes and chin. Oh, mannnnnnnnnn!!!!!! Not one kid spoke. Joey and Mark just sank exhausted, short of breath just from watching the scene unfold. Scott and Jerry were not much better arms around waists, and holding on. Graig had crawled up between them to watch on his knees, and was wacking like a madman watching it all! Little fucker had no pride at all. As the snoodlers finished and flopped to the ground, wiped....Shuey had shot off immediately on feeling Paulie's goo. Graig, pulling his prick like crazy, jumped up and ran to Kurt, and shoved his cock into the spooge all over Kurt's face and lips, and screamed, "Hurry up, suck my jam, faggot....ahm gonna blowwww!!"" This was just too much. Not a single one of the kids good draw a decent breath. The intensity of these few moments was remarkable! Naked kids were sprawled everywhere young sexy bbs around the ledge. Every last one of them had shot his wad. Scott and Jerry cummed with out even touching themselves. They just exploded! Joey and Mark were playing with themselves, and at that point of choice, they both musta just said the fuck it, and just rubbed it off. After while, they were all back in the water, back out drying off, and Joey came over to the dripping wet Graig, and asked, "So, how do you want your knobber boy?" Joey asked. Having almost forgot what he was there for in all the excitement, a flustered Graig recovered and said, "Oh--uh, I wanna spread real bbs nude out against the rocks there, knees up, with fuckmouth there," nodding at Kurt, "between 'em. What's he do man, spit it out? 'Cuz I wanna shoot." Guess he was too excited with the snoodle suck and his own cumdumping on Kurt's face, and didn't realize. Scott marched Kurt over and kneed the back of his legs to drop him, and said, "Tell Graigie, here, how you handle cocksnot, dude." Kurt, looked down, then into Graig's eyes after Scott pulled his head up by the hair, and said, "Um-uh, I-uh, s-swallow it!" "Ohhhhhhh, man....YESSSSSSS!!! I got da grand prize!" he squealed high-fivin' himself. Snotty little the same time he grabbed his prick and the back Kurt's head and slammed him into his cock.... Scott reached down and grabbed the end of that fascinating butt plug inside Kurt's upturned ass and started pulling and wiggling it... "Eat it cocksuck!" yelled Graig.Please write and tell me if you like my story. Send comments to Jarrod749aol.comNegative or positive comments welcome.
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